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A Renewed Focus

Our Quality Improvement courses enables facilities to provide training that reinforces the compliance aspects of caring for patients. Courseware included in this suite focuses on CMS, Joint Commission, AHRQ, DNV, and other quality initiatives and regulations that now potentially impact reimbursement and reputation.

  • I want to express my deep appreciation for the support HCCS has provided us along the way and believe operating from the HCCS hosted website will make for a long term solution for all our Corporate Compliance training needs. I also, want to congratulate you all for being at the forefront of healthcare training needs that are above all other solutions available to healthcare providers!

    Methodist Hospital of Southern California

We Choose Our Partners Based On Their Expertise and Reputation

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    MAXCOM|GHS™, is proprietary product that is wholly owned by HAAS TCM Group International, Inc. MAXCOM|GHS is the only Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS program available that classifies all workplace chemicals in accordance with the criteria established by the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling, (GHS). Since 1997, MAXCOM™ has been providing its workplace chemical safety program to hospital, corporate, industrial, manufacturing, mine and government entities. MAXCOM™ meets every component of OSHA, JCAHO and MSHA’s Hazard Communication Standards.

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    Yale New Haven Health System CEPDR/CHS

    The Yale New Haven Health System Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response (YNHHS-CEPDR) is committed to developing and delivering services that advance healthcare planning, preparedness and response for emergency events and disasters through collaborative partnerships and coordinated programs within Connecticut, across the nation and around the world. The Yale New Haven Health System Center for Healthcare Solutions (YNHHS-CHS) is dedicated to making national and international healthcare organizations and systems more effective, safe and secure. Leveraging its clinical and operational understanding of healthcare systems, extensive expertise and a national network of partners and subject matter experts, YNHHS-CHS disseminates programs and services nationally and internationally.

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    eLearning Corner, dba ELC Information Security, is a leading provider of customized information security training systems. The mission of eLearning Corner is to prepare your workforce to face the challenges of maintaining secure information systems.