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What are Healthcare Conflicts of Interest?

The ultimate goal of both patient care and clinical research is to improve outcomes, increase knowledge, and advance the future effectiveness of care regimens; it is imperative that the professionals involved are acting solely in the interest of those who will be receiving care. Government bodies and individual institutions have established multiple rules to protect providers and researchers, as well as patients, from undue influence. Identification and awareness of providers’ industry and financial relationships is the first part of this process.

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  • 6M+
    COI disclosures and counting
  • 500K
    respondent submissions
  • 700+
    installed locations

Easy. Smart. Effective.

We offer management and real-time tracking of conflicts of interest among healthcare staff. This automated solution will help your organization to eliminate manual and labor-intensive COI disclosure and management processes to improve efficiency and accuracy, improve turnaround, reduce risk, and often reduce costs.

We can help you manage: 

  • Annual and transactional COI disclosures
  • Compliance with institutional policies
  • Purchasing decisions
  • NIH disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Integration with CMS “open payments” database 
  • I can hardly put into words my gratitude for the customer-first-service-mindedness that we have experienced from HCCS. To a person, you have been eager to do whatever it takes to help us prepare for and implement COI-SMART. This is an excellent example. Please keep this “stance” in the forefront of who you are as a company – it is of inestimable worth.

    Via Christi Health