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Patient Care and OSHA Training

Patient Care and OSHA Training

The Patient Care and OSHA Training library contains interactive online courses that address the education needs of all staff members, from entry level staff to
C-level executives in care settings. Nurse mandatory and staff orientation training needs are met with a wide variety of subjects.

These high quality courses contain interactive exercises to create an engaging learning environment.

Accreditation Courseware

PCM0038 - A Culture of Safety
PCM0039 - Advance Directives
PCM0040 - Age-Specific Care
PCM0041 - Awareness and Reporting of Patient Abuse
PCM0042 - Body Mechanics: Back Injury Avoidance
PCM0043 - Body Mechanics: Ergonomics
PCM0044 - Creating Effective Workplace Relationships
PCM0045 - Cultural Competence
PCM0046 - Domestic Violence
PCM0047 - Drug Free Workplace
PCM0048 - Electrical Safety
PCM0049 - Emergency Response to a Terrorist Event
PCM0050 - Environment of Care: Emergency Management
PCM0051 - Environment of Care: Fire and Life Safety Management
PCM0052 - Environment of Care: Hazardous Material and Waste Management
PCM0053 - Environment of Care: Medical Equipment Management
PCM0054 - Environment of Care: Personnel Safety and Hazard Recognition
PCM0055 - Environment of Care: Security Management
PCM0056 - Environment of Care: Utility Systems Management
PCM0057 - Ethical Business Practices: Doing the Right Thing
PCM0092 - Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection
PCM0093 - Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention of intravascular Catheter-Related Infection
PCM0094 - Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention of Surgical Site Infection
PCM0060 - HIV/AIDS: General Information
PCM0061 - HIV/AIDS: Protective Measures
PCM0062 - Infection Control Plan
PCM0063 - Infection Control: Personal Protective Equipment
PCM0064 - Infection Control: The Basics
PCM0037 - Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals for Hospitals
PCM0065 - Patient Rights
PCM0066 - Quality / Continuous Process Improvement
PCM0067 - Radiation Safety Review for Healthcare Workers
PCM0068 - Radiation Safety: The Basics
PCM0069 - Risk Management
PCM0070 - Sexual Harassment
PCM0071 - Tracer Methodology I: Introduction
PCM0072 - Tracer Methodology II: Caregiver Participation in a Survey
PCM0073 - Tracer Methodology III: Management of the On-site Survey
PCM0074 - Workplace Violence: Prevention and Management

Leadership Courseware

PCM0075 - Basic Management: Creating Win-Win Agreements
PCM0076 - Basic Management: Financial Stewardship in Healthcare
PCM0077 - Basic Management: Process Mapping
PCM0078 - Basic Management: Running an Effective Meeting
PCM0079 - Basic Management: Sticky Issues
PCM0080 - Basic Management: Team Building without Time wasting
PCM0081 - Customer Service: Basic Principles
PCM0082 - Customer Service: Co-Workers as Customers
PCM0083 - Customer Service: Proactive Behavior at Work
PCM0084 - Customer Service: Responding to the Difficult patient
PCM0085 - Customer Service: Telephone Etiquette
PCM0086 - Diversity and Discrimination
PCM0087 - Finance and Budgeting Skills: Interpreting Performance Indicators
PCM0088 - Finance and Budgeting Skills: Productivity Report and Volume Statistics
PCM0089 - Finance and Budgeting Skills: The Operating Statement
PCM0090 - Performance Based Interviewing: The Basics
PCM0091 - Performance Based Interviewing: The Interview

Clinical Courseware

PCM0001 - Adult Procedural Sedation I
PCM0002 - Adult Procedural Sedation II
PCM0003 - Adult Procedural Sedation III
PCM0004 - Anaphylactic Shock
PCM0005 - Arrhythmia I: Overview
PCM0006 - Arrhythmia II: Sinus Rhythms
PCM0007 - Arrhythmia III: Atrial Arrhythmias
PCM0008 - Arrhythmia IV: Junctional Arrhythmias
PCM0009 - Arrhythmia V: Ventricular Arrhythmias
PCM0010 - Arrhythmia VI: Heart Blocks
PCM0011 - Arrhythmia VII: Pacemakers
PCM0012 - Blood Products Administration: Complications
PCM0013 - Blood/Blood Products Administration
PCM0014 - Continuum of Care: Discharge Planning
PCM0015 - Documentation of Medical Records
PCM0016 - Impaired Practitioners: Recognition, Prevention and Treatment
PCM0017 - Intimidation in the Workplace
PCM0018 - IV Push Medications
PCM0019 - Latex Protein Allergy: Prevention and Exposure Control
PCM0020 - Medication Administration: Calculation of Dosage
PCM0021 - Medication Administration: Medication Errors and Legal Aspects
PCM0022 - Medication Administration: Terminology
PCM0023 - Medication Administration: Understanding Medical Orders
PCM0024 - Meeting the Needs of the Dying Patient: From Curing to Caring
PCM0025 - Nutrition Therapy
PCM0026 - Pain Management: Treating Pain
PCM0027 - Pain Management: Understanding and Evaluating Pain
PCM0028 - Patient Training: Effective Healthcare Instruction
PCM0029 - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Care for Patients
PCM0030 - Restraint and Seclusion: General Information
PCM0031 - Restraint Procedures
PCM0032 - Spiritual Care
PCM0033 - Suicide Awareness and Prevention
PCM0034 - Tuberculosis Awareness
PCM0035 - Tuberculosis Control and Treatment
PCM0036 - Using Restraints

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