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HCCS043 - Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare
A course in the "Workplace Compliance" Suite

Course Description

Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become increasingly popular places to post opinions and to network with colleagues and the public. With this popularity comes an increased risk for healthcare facilities from improper online postings.

One inappropriate post could bring a range of legal liabilities and unforeseen consequences for your facility and staff. These consequences can include federal and state regulatory violations and fines, the illegal release of patient information, a damaged reputation, negative publicity, the loss of patient trust, lowered staff morale and the loss of business. An organization’s success relies on all employees understanding these risks and acting with integrity and responsibility when using social media.

This 25-minute online training course defines the risks and consequences of social networking and provides guidance to help employees use social media responsibly.

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  • Recognizing the value and the risks and consequences of using social media
  • Identifying the negative impact of improper use of social media
  • Defining best practices for using social media
  • HIPAA and privacy concerns

Course Features:

  • Highly engaging and interactive elements with case examples
  • Branding and embedding of policies available
  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration
  • Final assessment with certificate
Course Outline

Social Media Risks and Benefits

  • What is Social Media?
  • Types of Social Media
    • Identify examples of social media
    • Differentiate between appropriate and illegal uses of social media
    • Explain the importance of social media responsibility
  • Benefits of Social Media in Healthcare
  • Risks of Social Media in Healthcare

Responsible Management of Social Media

  • Organizational Policies and Procedures
  • Social Media Statement in Code of Conduct
  • HIPAA and Privacy
  • Social Media Principles
  • Personal versus Professional Boundaries
  • Applying Best Practices
  • Making Your Opinion Count


Links to Your Policies and Procedures

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