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Regulatory Compliance Exists for a Reason

Regulations are not written just to make your life harder—they are issued in order to protect patients and improve outcomes. Our goal is to help you identify ways and adopt solutions that help you comply as efficiently and effectively as possible while also improving care. 

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Ambulatory Surgery Center

CMS is looking far more closely at compliance in ambulatory surgery centers—it is imperative that your staff understand all the regulations covering their operation and care provision. Choose from courses that include:

  • 2.5M+
    registered users
  • 6M
    course completions
  • 700+

Train To a Higher Standard

Regulatory compliance is required throughout the continuum of care. The typical expectation is that staff members will satisfy a minimum amount of training objectives in order to protect themselves and the patients for whom they care. However, does training to a minimum standard define success?

Our regulatory training suites are built to exceed minimum requirements and set a new standard of knowledge and application. Designed with an emphasis on reducing training time while increasing care quality and workforce retention, staff members across all care settings learn more in less time while fulfilling regulatory requirements.

  • An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.

    Jack Welch, Former CEO
    General Electric

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