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Acute Annual Mandatory Training

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A New Approach to Annual Mandatory Training

Our comprehensive library consists of 45+ mobile-ready online training courses, with topics such as Fire Safety, Workplace Violence, Infection Control, Personal Protective Equipment, and more. Courses include fast-paced and exciting video learning games that improve staff competency and compliance with OSHA, accreditation and patient care requirements and guidelines Developed by leading subject matter experts, the courses are mobile-ready with a modern, clean interface that presents the information in an engaging and interactive format. 

With over 18 million annual mandatory training course completions collected over the past three years, HCCS’s training data reflects the standard for the healthcare industry. KnowledgeQTM uses this information to provide industry benchmarking opportunities for all healthcare organizations. KnowledgeQ helps executives and administrations to invest training resources smarter by measuring the performance levels and cost attributed to their training initiatives.



The following courses are included in the Acute Care Library: