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CME/CEU Information

What does CME stand for?
CME means Continuing Medical Education. These are educational credits primarily geared to physicians. CEU means Continuing Education Units, which are educational credits geared toward non-physicians (Non-Physician Providers, and other staff -- in our case, specifically Allied Health Professionals.)

CME for Physicians (ACCME)

How many CMEs do our courses carry?
The HCCS Professional Compliance and HIPAA Compliance courses are accredited by The University of Arizona College of Medicine at the Arizona Health Sciences Center for 3.0 hours of Category 1 CME.

By default, HCCS does NOT turn on the CME application feature for accounts.

How does the user apply for credits upon completion?

If the CME/CEU feature is turned on, then the following will occur: After course completion, during the logout process, the user will be asked if they want to apply for CME / CEU. If they select yes, then they are asked to complete an on-line application, which asks for name, mailing address, title, contact information, and credit card information. (The University of Arizona College of Medicine charges for credits.) This information is encrypted and sent back to HCCS during logout, at which time it is then processed by HCCS and forwarded to The University of Arizona College of Medicine at the Arizona Health Sciences Center.

Our system will only allow end-users to apply for CME or CEU once per calendar year for a given course.

CE for Compliance Officers (HCCA/CCB)

Many of our courses are also accredited by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) for Continuing Education Units in Compliance Training and Education and Auditing and Monitoring for Compliance. The courseware will allow learners holding the title “Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC)” to apply for CCB CE credits upon successful courseware completion. The Professional Compliance, Corporate Compliance and HIPAA Compliance courses carry 3.6 CE credits.

These credits can be applied toward your CHC certification and other HCCA/CCB certifications including CHPC (“Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance”).

CE for Coders (AHIMA)

The following courses are accredited by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) for Continuing Education credits for certified health information management professionals:

HCCS Fraud Awareness - Professional Compliance: 3.0 hours
HCCS Fraud Awareness - Corporate Compliance: 3.0 hours
HCCS HIPAA Compliance: 3.0 hours
HCCS Documentation for Quality Care: 1.0 hours

Upon successful courseware completion of any of these courses, an AHIMA CE certificate will be offered to certified health information management professionals.

CE for Nurses and Non-Physician Providers

Currently, HCCS-authored compliance courses are not directly accredited for clinical or nursing Continuation Credit (CE). However, several non-physician providers in the past have been able to gain "reciprocal credit" from their local Boards for "Professional Compliance" and "HIPAA Compliance". We suggest that you print out your completion certificate and send it to your local accrediting agency or Board. In a cover letter, inform the agency or Board that the course is accredited for 3.0 hours of CME for physicians and request reciprocal credits. As proof of credit hours, include a link to this web page:

If you would like us to investigate accrediting a course by any other accrediting body, please send us any information you have on the accrediting body -- contact information, web site, information on applying for CME accreditation, etc. and we would be happy to investigate the issue further.

Ethics Credits from Texas Medical Board

The HCCS "Professional Compliance" course is accredited for 2.0 hours of Texas Medical Ethics and/or Professional Responsibility Credits for courseware completion from 12/22/2015 through 12/22/2018. Upon completion of the course, please print and retain your completion certificate. Texas licensees may be chosen by the Texas Medical Board at random for a CE audit, whereupon they would be required to produce all of the certificates that were received for formal credits. More information can be found at A search of the website for the term "HCCS" will list the 2.0 hours of credit in a downloadable spreadsheet of accredited courses.

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