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Company Overview

HCCS focuses exclusively on compliance education needs and solutions for the healthcare industry. Founded in 1998, HCCS became part of the HealthStream family of companies in 2014. We continue to work to meet the growing demand for effective compliance solutions across the continuum of care.

Our solutions are currently used by over 700 healthcare organizations across the country. Over 2,000,000 registered users have logged over 8,000,000 hours of training to date.

Compliance and Regulatory Training

Our courses are created, managed, and updated by our internal compliance experts. Designed to keep learners engaged and involved, our training promotes retention of content and greater satisfaction of employees who must complete mandatory modules.

COI Management

COI-SMART helps organizations electronically manage and track conflict of interest disclosures. It provides sophisticated tools for the development of multilevel questionnaires, automated assignment of reviewers, the development of COI management plans, and data mining tools for auditing, tracking and reporting on potential conflicts of interest.


  • 700+
    clients across the country
  • 2M
    registered users
  • 8M
    training hours logged by our users

Committed to Giving Back

HCCS is fully committed to taking care of the world around us on both a corporate and personal level. If your healthcare institution would like to get involved in similar programs please contact Ben Diamond to share what is in your heart. ​

HCCS has once again teamed up with Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon and Nassau Health Care Corporation to help our deployed military units overseas.

HCCS and NuHealth has sent hundreds of colorful scrubs for one of the hospitals in Kuwait. The chaplain reported that the brown scrubs they use were depressing and it would cheer up the troops to get colorful scrubs. The hospital staff were thrilled to receive the colorful scrubs.

In addition, HCCS has supplied Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon with scrubs from a forward military medical unit in Afghanistan. Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon works with various deployed military units, sending care cartons and engaging in special projects with the goal of improving morale and letting the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen know that we care. 

Meet The Team

  • Recent 2019 Blog Posts about the Healthcare Continuum from HCCS and HealthStream

    HealthStream and HCCS, A HealthStream Company have recently published multiple blog posts related to the healthcare continuum. We’ve collected and compiled links to some of them here:

    The Challenge of Translating Healthcare Regulations into Training Curricula

    Providers across the healthcare continuum need to be certain they are compliant with all the regulations that apply to them as well as their individual clinicians.

    Labor and Unemployment Considerations for Healthcare Turnover

    Because the United States has a predominantly service-based economy, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also tells us that jobs across healthcare and social assistance are expected to drive a significant portion of the job growth during the near future.

    Understanding the Regulatory Burden across the Healthcare Spectrum

    The regulatory burden faced by organizations across the healthcare continuum is significant in terms of the time and resources involved in meeting its requirements. $39 billion is the annual cost to healthcare providers to comply with the administrative aspects of regulatory compliance.

    Why Adopt a High Quality Resuscitation Program for the Care Continuum?

    Healthcare is changing significantly—more care is occurring outside hospitals, and organizations across the care continuum are treating patients with far higher levels of acuity than ever before. This makes resuscitation far more important across the care continuum, where current resuscitation success ranges from 2 to 11 percent.

    Required Elements of a Successful Resuscitation Program for the Care Continuum

    Where and how healthcare is delivered has changed significantly in recent years. Former Resuscitation Training expert Donna Haynes shared these must-haves for moving towards a more rigorous resuscitation training program for the care continuum.


    Blog 513

    Recent 2019 Blog Posts about the Healthcare Continuum from HCCS and HealthStream

  • Ben Diamond

    Vice President,
    Compliance Solutions

    Ben Diamond has 30 years of systems experience in the healthcare field. Ben started in the mid-80’s as a Systems Engineer for MedE America, now a part of Healtheon-Web/MD. He designed and implemented a large-scale network scanning solution that enabled New York City Pre-Natal Care programs to reduce the documentation and enrollment turnaround time for expecting mothers from eight months down to 48 hours.

    After a brief stint as Senior Network Systems Engineer for Eastman Kodak, Ben became one of the founding members of Health Care Compliance Strategies (HCCS) in 1998. There he combined his technical skills with his passion for helping hospitals navigate the continually changing landscape of government regulations. In 2006, he became President of HCCS. In 2014, HCCS was acquired by HealthStream, where Ben now serves as Vice President of Compliance Solutions. 


    Ben Diamond

    Vice President,
    Compliance Solutions

  • David Rosenthal

    Vice President,
    Business Development

    As HCCS’s Vice President of Business Development, David Rosenthal oversees product management and product strategic direction for HCCS, the Compliance and Regulatory team at HealthStream. Mr. Rosenthal leads a team of product managers responsible for online regulatory and compliance training content, compliance systems and healthcare workforce big data solutions. 

    David Rosenthal has over thirty years of experience selling, managing, developing and implementing healthcare, technology and E-learning solutions. He has worked with all types and sizes of healthcare facilities from the largest health systems in the country to physician offices. Mr. Rosenthal has presented sessions and hosted webinars on Healthcare Compliance Issues, Changing Staff Behavior, Responsible Use of Social Media, Big Data Solutions and more. Mr. Rosenthal joined HCCS in 2000 as a member of the management team with responsibilities in sales and marketing leadership. Prior to joining HCCS, Mr. Rosenthal served as President of Comsult, a software consulting company where he managed and developed complex software systems for clients in the fields of health care, utilities, finance and online services, among others.

    David Rosenthal

    David Rosenthal

    Vice President,
    Business Development

  • Debbie Newsholme

    Senior Director,
    Content Operations

    Debbie Newsholme has a Bachelor's Degree in Management and a Master's Degree in Organization Leadership. She holds both the CHC and CCEP designations from the Compliance Certification Board (CCB). Ms. Newsholme has more than 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry serving in both clinical and non-clinical roles. Ms. Newsholme spent 13 years in Education and Organization Development for a large multi-hospital health system in Atlanta, Georgia. This role included working with the Compliance Office in the development, deployment and tracking of compliance training. Ms. Newsholme currently serves as the Director of Content Development for HCCS.

    Debbie Newsholme

    Senior Director,
    Content Operations

  • Greg Hackbart

    Sr. Director of Sales,

    Greg currently serves as Sr. Director of Sales – Compliance for HealthStream. He leads a team of compliance experts in helping healthcare providers mitigate risk by maintaining regulatory training and managing conflict of interest relationships, while providing powerful data analytics tools. Greg is proud to have found his calling in healthcare, especially in having an impact on the quality of life and healthcare experience for patients and their families. 

    Prior to HealthStream Greg served 11 years as Vice President of Business Development for National Research Corporation where he helped to oversee sales and strategic thought leadership efforts for the company’s experience measurement solutions. Earlier, he spent 15 years with a national network of distributors and sales representatives, developing network solutions for global organizations such as Qwest, SBC, AT&T and Verizon. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. 

    Headshot GH

    Greg Hackbart

    Sr. Director of Sales,