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Our Research Compliance courses ensure all research staff understand the regulations governing their work. Courseware meets all NIH, NSF, Medicare, and HIPAA requirements, resulting in compliant research and consistent progress.


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    Cooper University Healthcare

Two Things We Can Reduce: Risk and Stress

As a healthcare management professional, you are not only responsible for providing exceptional care for your patients, but also for making sure that the care they receive is delivered within guidelines set by the government and corporate entities. In order to manage your institution, you need to find ways to ensure compliance training is effective without draining your resources.

Our ability to understand the challenges of healthcare compliance comes from the team of experts we have on staff. Our in-house industry experts and Board of Advisors help us understand what matters, to whom, when and why. Our content is also approved to satisfy Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA) allowing facilities to learn and grow towards a set goal.

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