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Active Shooter Response in Healthcare Settings

3 CE Credits

Healthcare facilities are entrusted with providing safe and secure environments for their patients, staff, and visitors. Each facility is responsible for developing its own plan of action to address issues that may threaten the safety of its occupants. Among these issues is the threat of an active shooter in the healthcare facility. An active shooter incident could occur anywhere, with little or no warning. Having an emergency operations plan could make the difference in what could be a life or death situation. This course ensures learners are prepared to make difficult decisions that could impact their own life and the lives of the patients they care for. The course provides a foundational level of knowledge on how to recognize indicators of potential violence, and how to become familiar with the various response concepts. This pro-active approach helps prepare staff about how to think and act ensuring they become familiar with several of the possible responses they can follow in an active shooter incident.

This Course will teach you:

  • About the importance of an emergency operation plan
  • How to think, and respond during an active shooter event
  • What to do when law enforcement arrives
  • Actions that can increase your chances of survival