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Caring for Residents at the End of Life

Death can be frightening. This can be especially true for residents in the terminal stages of chronic disease. These residents often wish for a “good death.” However, they often fear that they will die alone, in pain, abandoned by their caregivers.

Clinicians must provide excellent end‐of‐life care to all dying residents.

In this way, clinicians can:

  • Help residents have a “good death”
  • Calm the fears of dying residents
  • Support the resident’s family This course will teach you how to provide excellent end‐of‐life care.

You will learn about:

  • Palliative care, end‐of‐life care, and hospice care
  • Guidelines for providing end‐of‐life care according to a resident’s wishes for a “good death”
  • Ethical and legal considerations at the end of life
  • Guidelines for helping loved ones when a resident is dying

Courseware Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Differentiate palliative care, end‐of‐life care, and hospice care as they relate to residents in a long‐term care setting.
  • Apply discussed methods of quality care to a patient at the end‐of‐life in a long‐term care setting.
  • Discuss relevant ethical and legal issues related to the end‐of‐life care.