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Health Literacy Course

Health literacy is a concept that was new to many members of the healthcare community and in turn caught the attention of researchers, policy-makers, and clinicians. It has become a nationwide healthcare initiative.

This course is designed to acquaint you with the concepts of health literacy and low or limited health literacy, and how they impact quality, outcomes, and costs of healthcare. Furthermore, the course will offer strategies for helping to improve health literacy in high-risk populations.

Number of Learners:

Course Outline

What is Health Literacy?

  • Understanding and defining health literacy and health numeracy
  • Identify factors that influence health literacy
  • Prevalence of limited health literacy

Importance of Health Literacy

  • Recognize who is affected by limited health literacy and poor health communication
  • Consequences of limited health literacy

Risk Factors Associated With Limited Health Literacy

  • Nonadherence to treatment plans and medical regimens
  • Poor patient self-care
  • High healthcare costs
  • Increased risk of hospitalization
  • Increased risk of mortality

Strategies and Approaches to Improve Health Literacy

  • Targeting and tailoring communication
  • Organizational changes
  • Support and expand local efforts for improvement
  • Assistive resources

Target Audience

  • All Management, Staff and Patient Care Providers