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PCI Awareness Training

This Payment Card Industry (PCI) Awareness Training course develops awareness and best-practice behaviors for protecting payment card data. As breach upon breach reveals, there are real limits to technology’s ability to protect an organization’s sensitive data. Consequently, the greatest return on your information security investment now lies with your people—the most vulnerable endpoint of all. The PCI data security standards reflect this fact. That’s why the most recent update of the PCI-DSS emphasizes user awareness training—it’s absolutely essential to making PCI security work. The PCI Awareness Training is compliant with PCI-DSS 12.6.1 guidelines.

Number of Learners:

Course Outline

Card Security

  • Introduction
  • The PCI Security Standards   
  • Common Fraudulent Practices
  • Payment Card Security Features
  • Processing payment Card Transactions in Person
  • Processing Payment Card Transactions
  • Knowledge Check

Protecting Data

  • Responding to Payment Card Fraud
  • Retention, Access and Distribution
  • PCI DSS Requirements
  • Protecting Cardholder Data at the Point of Sale
  • Protecting Cardholder Data at Work
  • Working with vendors
  • Preventing Card Device Tampering
  • Recognizing Card Device Tampering
  • Reporting and Incident
  • Knowledge Check

Target Audience

  • Staff who handle credit card payments