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Security Awareness in the Healthcare Setting

Cybercriminals attack healthcare organizations with a growing frequency each year. According to the Ponemon Institute, half of healthcare organizations are attacked by hackers one or more times in a given 12-month period. Ransomware is the most crippling of these threats, locking up critical computer files and systems until ransom is paid. These cyber-attacks can severely impact operations and have the potential to negatively affect patient care. Preparing employees to recognize and prevent malicious threats is an organization's first line of defense.

The Security Awareness in the Healthcare Setting online training course helps change employee behavior by building awareness of security practices, policies and procedures. This course builds a culture of security with informed employees who can identify security threats, understand the security risks, and make better data protection decisions to reduce risk for the organization.

Number of Learners:

Course Outline

Understanding Threats

  • Security Threats at a Glance
  • Your Responsibilities
  • Reporting a Potential Breach
  • Breach Examples

Physical Security

  • Physical Security Threats
  • Securing Work Areas and Resources
  • Access Controls

Safe Computing

  • Electronic Security Threats
  • Electronic Safeguards
  • Social Media Risks and Benefits at a Glance
  • Internet of Things

Safe Remote and Mobile Computing

  • Case Studies
  • Protecting PHI on Mobile Devices
  • Safe Computing Away from the Office/Hospital
  • Connecting Securely to Networks

Protecting and Handling Data

  • Data Classifications
  • Data Storage, Retention and Destruction
  • Data Transmission

Target Audience

  • All Management, Staff and Patient Care Providers