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Healthcare Performance & Competency Data: 3 Ways It Can Help You Improve

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By Christopher Cowan, MBA, Product Manager, Talent Management, HealthStream

Do you use a paper-based system for Competency and Performance Management? What if you were asked to provide a report to assess the competency of the entire organization on a skill such as blood transfusion? How long would that take you? What if your manager asks you to identify only employees who ‘Did Not Meet Expectations’ for this competency? Even worse, what if she asks “How does this compare to last year?’ The inability to quickly access this type of data could significantly limit the potential of your organization. Automating the competency and performance management process will make these kinds of requests simple, provide more meaningful data, and allow you to work with greater efficiency.

Getting the most out of your talent management process means effectively utilizing tools such as HealthStream Analytics to support the achievement of your strategic objectives and promote positive organizational change. HealthStream Analytics™ is a powerful reporting solution included in the Competency Center™ and Performance Center™. HealthStream customers can choose from a library of 19 pre-built reports, customize data with drill-down filter capability, and save reports for future reference. Data can also be exported for use outside of the system in popular formats such as PDF, Excel, XML, or RTF. The following are 3 (three) ways that data will improve your business.

Enhance Organizational Awareness

You cannot change what you do not know. Decentralized reporting processes that are fragmented across the organization significantly limit the value of your data. Can you imagine the effort required to consolidate paper-based data from various facilities or departments? Centralized reporting using a tool such as HealthStream Analytics will make data visible across the organization and promote a proactive culture. Improving visibility of data will provide immediate value. It will take less time to report results because data is in one location. It will allow you to immediately assess how all departments within your facility are contributing to overall metrics. This could not be easily achieved using a paper process. A centralized reporting solution also means that you will no longer have to wait to the end of a performance cycle to gather data. Our reports are updated in real-time and available 24 hours a day. At any point during the process you can track the status of your assessments, identify employees that have been assigned development plans, and view outcomes reports to assess the success of your organization along the way. Improving awareness and access to data will promote a proactive culture that can respond quickly to business challenges.

Improve Decision-Making with Actionable Insight

Automation provides flexibility to gain access to relevant data and then take immediate action. This is actionable insight and it drives better decision-making and positive change in your organization. Real-time reporting and drill-down filter capability in HealthStream Analytics will allow you to access up to the minute data in thousands of permutations. For instance, you can drill down to a specific competency and rating level to identify employees that do not meet expectations. Highly targeted learning interventions can be assigned to only these individuals, which could potentially reduce educational costs. Deeper levels of insight can be achieved using different time periods and by isolating data for facilities, departments, and supervisors. Improved decisions supported by data from HealthStream Analytics are just a few clicks away.

Support Regulatory Compliance

Data from HealthStream Analytics will support your facility during all 3 phases of the accreditation process - preparation, review, and response. The preparation phase is all about ensuring the right data is in the system in the right place and adheres to specified criteria and deadlines.  Reviewers will want to see the electronic employee file, which includes their initial competency assessment, 3 years of annual competency assessments, and 3 years of performance appraisals. This would be a daunting task for a paper-based process but only requires a couple of clicks with an automated system. Our pre-built report library will help you prepare for this likely scenario. In the months leading up to your review you could run demographic reports to update incomplete employee records, status reports to ensure assessments are complete, exception reports to identify employees without job descriptions or supervisors, and outcomes reports to assess specific competency ratings . HealthStream reporting capabilities will replace the need for costly and time consuming file reviews so your time can be devoted to survey preparation. Occasionally, there may be an incident that requires follow up and a formal response from your facility. Automated reports with accurate data will expedite the response and give you and the accrediting body confidence that you meet the requirements.  

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