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Healthcare Contracts and Arrangements Compliance Training Released

December 07, 2015

Jericho, NY – HCCS, a HealthStream Company, announced the release of a new online training course, Contracts and Arrangements Compliance. This interactive, online course is designed to assist in understanding the basic components of contracts and arrangements, the various types of contracts and arrangements, the laws and other governing factors surrounding them, the risks involved and best practices for ensuring compliance in these areas. This course is recommended for all individuals within the organization involved with contracts in any capacity, including Corporate Officers, Boards of Directors, Compliance staff, physicians, and others.

In June 2015, the OIG issued a Fraud alert titled “Physician Compensation Arrangements May Result in Significant Liability”, signaling the agency’s heightened concern and continued scrutiny of Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute adherence. Both the OIG and the Department of Justice have reported record recoveries from civil cases involving contracts and arrangements that violate three key healthcare laws – Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statute and the False Claims Act. Several cases have captured the attention of the compliance world and underscore the vulnerability of healthcare providers. With the uptick in settlement amounts and Corporate Integrity Agreements requiring substantial training on this topic, this course fills a very significant need.

The HCCS Contracts and Arrangements Compliance course will educate learners to:

  • Identify the essential elements of a valid contract and how it should be structured
  • List the three primary laws governing contracts and arrangements and key elements associated with each law
  • Name other governing factors that affect contracts and arrangements
  • Describe the risks involved with contracts and arrangements with physicians as they relate to several areas, including physician recruitment and employment, joint ventures, leases and rentals, and more
  • List organizational best practices and risk avoidance tactics with regard to contracts and arrangements compliance

This course focuses on contracting with physicians, and also addresses contracting with vendors.

HCCS’ online training courses provide hospitals and healthcare institutions with an engaging and interactive learning experience to change staff behavior. HCCS’ courses enhance job performance and promote compliance with ethical, legal and accreditation guidelines. Through a unique multimedia experience, HCCS courseware explains regulatory compliance rules and improves patient care.

“Record financial settlements are being reported by the DOJ and OIG from cases stemming from Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law violations,” says Ben Diamond, Vice President of HCCS Compliance Solutions at HealthStream. “More and more CIAs are also requiring Arrangements training. It made sense to create a course that healthcare organizations can proactively include in their training programs as part of their ongoing efforts to avoid enforcement actions.

A free demonstration of the Contracts and Arrangements Compliance course is available now at