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HCCS Releases New Health Literacy Online Training Course

August 17, 2016

Jericho, NY –  HCCS, A HealthStream® Company, today announced the release of a new Health Literacy online course. According to the Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership, "only 12% of literate Americans are proficient in understanding health information" and "nearly half of all U.S adults can't understand and use the information shared by their doctor, clinic or hospital." Even highly educated people have difficulty understanding health information. Poor health literacy affects a person's health more than any other demographic factor, including race, income, education and employment.

The HCCS Health Literacy course helps all healthcare staff recognize individuals affected by limited health literacy and poor health communication. The course also offers strategies for improving health literacy among high risk populations.

The Health Literacy course helps learners:

  • Understand and define health literacy and health numeracy
  • Recognize who is affected by limited health literacy and poor health communications
  • Identify factors that influence health literacy
  • Identify red flags of a patient with low health literacy
  • Detail strategies to improve health literacy
  • Select resources to assist in identifying and improving the understanding of healthcare terms, concepts and numbers.

A free demonstration of the Health Literacy course is available now at