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Regulatory Compliance Exists for a Reason

Regulations are not written just to make your life harder—they are issued in order to protect patients and improve outcomes. Our goal is to help you identify ways and adopt solutions that help you comply as efficiently and effectively as possible while also improving care. 


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Reduce Errors. Mitigate Risk. Save Lives.

Recent studies indicate that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States. In response, government and other regulatory bodies have established stringent patient safety guidelines and have begun to penalize healthcare providers more significantly for not preventing medical errors.

Our Patient Safety Library addresses today’s most problematic patient safety issues through training that helps promotes a culture of safety, reduces risk, and improves patient outcomes.

  • HCCS’s Patient Safety Library helps us maintain our compliance with regulatory education. Clinical managers value the courses because they eliminate the need for face-to-face education sessions that require backfill or absences on the unit. Courses can be completed on the unit as time allows and during regularly scheduled shifts, which eliminates the need to pay overtime for completion of regulatory education requirements.

    Joyce Morrison, Organizational Development and Associate Relations Specialist
    Saint Mary’s Health Care

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